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DESTINY is a House of Brands of beautiful sparkling American Moscato with unique blends of both sweet and citrus flavors with the effervescence of fine champagne.


Our Muscat Blanc varietal grapes are imported from the renowned Napa Valley region. To achieve our rich taste and effervescence, our grapes are handled with extreme care in order to minimize the extraction of compounds from the skins. The DESTINY JEWELED WINE COLLECTION offers a refined, exquisite bouquet and lovely presentation. An 11.5% alcohol content adds a premium feel and taste, while still maintaining a smoothness and refreshing appeal for both wine and champagne connoisseurs alike.

Destiny Moscato

An all occasion, luscious golden sparkling Moscato. Full-bodied with hints of vanilla, pear, and a complex interplay of aromas & citrus flavors. If you love a "less than sweet" Moscato, the elegantly crisp DESTINY DIAMOND is for You!

Destiny Pink Moscato

Refreshing, sweet, light-bodied. DESTINY RUBY tantalizes and teases with the taste of sun kissed peaches, fresh red berries and hints of exotic lychee, combined with a light beautiful floral aroma. Let DESTINY RUBY take you to your DESTINY!


Production Facility

DESTINY sparkling wines are derived from the Muscat Blanc varietal grape imported from the Napa Valley region and harvested in vineyards around the United States. To achieve our unique sparkling wine taste and effervescence, our grapes are handled with extreme care in order to minimize the extraction of compounds from the skins. Vinted and bottled by the historic méthode champenoise (champagne method), our white and pink moscato wines are then produced using state-of-the-art equipment maintained to the highest degree. Modeled after the renowned complexes of California's Napa Valley Region, our 44,000 square foot production facilities overlook beautiful and illustrious vineyards and landscape. DESTINY Moscato is an American vegan friendly company, as no animal products are used in the production of our wine production facilities.


DESTINY Moscato and DESTINY Pink Moscato are a luxury line of Brands housed under my umbrella company, RED STYXX BEVERAGE. DESTINY MOSCATO was born from my desire to inspire others to believe in their dreams and to live their best life. With DESTINY, it was my intention and purpose to create the first premium, name-branded American Moscato that would offer the most unique, and quite simply the BEST Moscato taste experience! Our Moscato customers have two wonderful wine choices. DESTINY Moscato is for the Moscato lover who prefers a luscious, all occasion sparkling wine, and our DESTINY Pink Moscato is for the lighter pallet and sweeter connoisseur. Our uniquely patented formula is 11.5% alcohol which adds a premium feel and taste, while still maintaining the smoothness and refreshing appeal. Please enjoy your Destiny Experience...

Founder, Destiny Moscato


Mr.Thierry & I instantly agreed that DESTINY would offer the world great wine and beyond. I would like to inspire others to have faith that the best is always available to you. As an actress, an entrepreneur, and mother of five amazing kids, my journey has been very rewarding. I am so proud of the products we have designed for your pleasure, and hope that finding your DESTINY will become a philosophy and wonderful lifestyle for our consumers. I truly believe in DESTINY!

Destiny Moscato




Ms. Murphy, DESTINY MOSCATO & the DESTINITES will be coming to your city for the Ultimate DESTINY EXPERIENCE! For booking inquiries contact us at  1-800-423-1850



Thank you for your interest in DESTINY Moscato. We are open to forming strategic patnerships with distributors. Please email us and a representative of DESTINY Moscato will contact you.



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